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ASM is hosting two of our industry leading training courses in New York this April; Negotiating Airline Incentives (10-11) and Marketing to Airlines for Air Service Development (12-13).

This is a fantastic chance to learn from our team of experienced former airline industry professionals, who will take you through a comprehensive training programme, sharing their industry insight and career experience.

Negotiating Airline Incentives

  • A review of US based air service development incentive guidelines and techniques
  • Insight to innovative strategies for domestic and international air service development.
  • FAA derived legal guidance
  • Examples of local and state sponsored support
  • Case studies and sharing experiences

What you will learn

Who should attend?

Marketing to Airlines

  • What drives airlines customer decisions?
  • How airlines are influenced by airport marketing
  • The essence of an airport brand
  • Differentiation of your market and service offer
  • Understanding of digital and social media platforms
  • How to create cutting edge campaigns to stand out

New York, April 2018

Negotiating Airlines Incentives

  • Airports
  • Tourism Organizations
  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Government Agencies & Departments
  • Legal Representatives

Marketing to Airlines

  • Aviation Marketing Managers
  • Aviation Marketing Executives
  • Air Service Development Managers
  • Destination Marketing Managers
  • Destination Marketing Executives
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Negotiating Airlines Incentives

  • Sharing of experiences (Airport Case Studies)
  • Support mechanisms (Airport funded, DOT, City/County, State, Stakeholders)
  • Traffic revenue guarantees
  • How to structure deals that meet the existing legal framework in the US
  • Negotiating with domestic air carriers (network and LCCs)
  • Negotiating with FSCs

Course content

Marketing to Airlines

  • Understanding your aviation markets
  • Segmenting customers and selecting targets
  • Understanding competition
  • Determining your values, positioning and brand
  • Working with air service development data
  • Developing the “perfect presentation”
  • Optimizing aviation’s diverse and global media
  • Latest applications of digital, social media and customer data management for air service development
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